The aim of the project “New Generation Schools in the Light of Education 4.0” is to integrate Industry 4.0 components (Robotics, 3D design, Virtual reality, etc.) into our education system and thus:

  1. To serve the principle of reducing the failure rate in the 15-year age group to under 15% in the fields of Mathematics, Science and Reading in line with the “Inclusive Growth” as discussed in the EU 2020 strategy.
  2. To empower the future’s techno-entrepreneurs to see and recognize opportunities for their future.

The partners from Slovenia, Portugal, Spain, Romania, Estonia, and Turkey (as coordinator) planned six LTT activities.

Our project will help to increase the academic success in STEM courses thanks to Industry 4.0 integrations; Robotics, 3D Design, Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR, AR) and Drones. Our students and teachers are at the centre of our project and our target groups are teachers, students, parents, schools and local community. When choosing our partners, we selected the schools with the most suitable capacity to share and adopt the best practices in line with our project aim.

For the integration of our students in Education 4.0, in line with EU2020 strategy, each partner will contribute with the expertise in the next fields:

  • Spain – Lego WeDo and mBot
  • Estonia – Lego EV3
  • Slovenia – VEX robotics
  • Romania – 3D design
  • Portugal – VR / AR
  • Turkey – Drone

All our partners are of equal importance. Four students (11-15 y/o) and two teachers from each partner will participate in each mobility and will contribute to the next LTT activities:

  • Slovenia will share their national and international VEX robotic experiences and introduce successful training systems.
  • Turkey will share their experiences about the Drone, ESPcopter, and introduce the Turkish Education System.
  • Portugal will share their national and international VR experiences and introduce the Portuguese Education System.
  • Estonia will share their national and international LEGO EV3 experiences and introduce the Estonian Education system.
  • Romania will share their national and international 3D printing experience and introduce the Romanian Education System.
  • Spain is experienced in STEM projects. Our Spanish partner will share the experience with Lego WeDo and mBot and will introduce the Spanish Education System.