The main results of the partnership are:

  • Establishment of STEM and Robotics Club, STEM and Robotics Workshops / courses, EDU4.0 Unit at the joint schools
  • e-booklet, brochures, public report, public spot
  • Project websites, Facebook page, Youtube channel
  • Increasing academic success rates of students in STEM courses
  • Increasing rate of use of Industry 4.0 elements in education
  • 1st year % 5, 2nd year 8% increase of students’success
  • Increase in the number of STEM projects

One of the most important long-term benefits of our project is to raise awareness of students in selecting STEM and Industry 4.0 related professions. Our project outputs will be a resource for all schools and teachers involved in educational settings. New projects will be combined with eTwinning partnerships for a sustainable project. Cooperation will be provided with universities, faculties, lecturers on the way of Education 4.0. Our project will grow as a snowball and will be a reference to other projects and collaboration.