1. To serve the principle of reducing the failure rate in the 15-year age group to 15% in the fields of Mathematics, Science and Reading in line with the “Inclusive Growth “in the EU 2020 strategy.
  2. To enable participants to obtain 21st century skills.
  3. To make students and teachers conscious about Tekno-Entrepreneurship, global market, and maker activities.
  4. To help the future techno-entrepreneurs to develop the ability to see and recognize opportunities for their future and to develop themselves in the STEM field.
  5. To encourage teachers to continue their professional development, to contribute to their career development.
  6. To share existing applications and exchange information about Education 4.0.
  7. Creating a dynamic and professional environment within the organization.
  8. To achieve improved quality in the preparation, implementation and monitoring of projects at EU and international level.
  9. By using Industry 4.0 components (Robotics,3d printer, VR) in all courses to create awareness about the effects of education 4.0 in our lives.